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so this summer was quite dreamy.  we were able to sneak away & spend an entire month in Europe, quite easily our very favorite place.  i even had a solo week traveling in France with a good mix of some work, some play, & some learning.  meeting inspiring ladies & learning from Alicia of Bows & Arrows Flowers at a Floral Design Workshop in Giverny was an incredible experience.  Giverny is as quaint & picturesque as any small french town.

we had the most perfect summer day & spent the morning walking through Monet’s gardens & home.  Kayla Barker captured the most beautiful moments from the day.  so grateful to have had this time with all of the lovely talented creatives we met from all across the world.  certainly a magical day in France filled with fleurs, beautiful surroundings, new friends & of course, delicious bread, wine & cheese!

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