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A Day in Provence is a floral & styling boutique continuously inspired by all things floral and french, vintage and beautiful.  Owner & Creative Director, Tara Bailie founded the company in 2003 shortly after living in Europe and traveling to the South of France.

Fourteen years later, we continue to create exquisite floral designs for weddings & events.  Our work has been featured in top wedding publications & blogs including Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, Brides Magazine - UK, Grey Likes Weddings, Snippet & Ink, MN Bride, Mpls|St. Paul Weddings Magazine, Every Last Detail, The Wedding Chicks, Fly Away Bride, The Knot & more.

Although we call beautiful Minneapolis/Saint Paul home, our floral & styling work has taken us on numerous adventures in the US and internationally to places like Door County, Sonoma, Paris, Provence, Portugal & Italy.  Europe is practically our second home...we love to travel & are available for hire worldwide.