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what a delight to design for such a kind & gracious couple.  Annie & Matt had the most beautiful day with their outdoor ceremony taking place at Irvine Park – one of the prettiest spots in Saint Paul, complete with a European fountain as the backdrop, a darling duo of flower girls & an intimate gathering of family & friends.  with planning & design by Lizie Anne, photography by the talented Emily Steffen & the most beautiful invitation suite designed by Cait Courneya, Hooked Calligraphy & Paper Rock Scissor, this day was topped off with a reception at the St. Paul College Club on historic Summit Avenue in Saint Paul.

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ceremony location: Irvine Park | design & planning: Lizie Anne Weddings | floral: A Day in Provence |
invitation suite – illustration: Cait Courneya, lettering: Hooked Calligraphy, design: Paper Rock Scissor |
linens: La Tavola Fine Linen | photography: Emily Steffen | venue: St. Paul College Club