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working one afternoon on the beaches of Cascais, Portugal was somewhat of a dream. the beauty of the sea, natural rock formations & details of the darling town and lovely tiled buildings were incredibly breathtaking! we spent an extra day here prior to our editorial shoot to do some location scouting. so many nooks & beautiful corners to see. we enjoyed shopping for some local goods in the mercado, lunch in the coastal town & finished with a beachfront walk along the promenade to Estoril before catching our train back to Lisbon.

days later, we were back to Cascais with our creative team which included the talented dress designer, Pureza, of Pureza Mello Breyner Atelier. enjoy the images from our wedding editorial captured by the talented Portuguese duo, Sandra & Miguel, of Atmosphere.




creative direction, styling & floral: cheap prednisone | hand dyed scarves: purchase prednisone for dogs | model: Klara | photography: prednisone purchase canada | ring box: prednisone 20 mg purchase | silk : prednisone 10 mg purchase | stationery: purchase prednisone | wedding dress: where can i purchase prednisone