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cheap prednisonewedding season has come to an end for 2014, and guess what?!  now you get to see all of the beautiful weddings, styled shoots & events we’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this year!  i love having a bit of a break before the festive holiday season to rest, reconnect & reflect on all that has taken place in 2014…

a favorite day was spent with Jennae from Blush & Whim, Whitney Furst and many other creative artists bringing you this champagne brunch styled shoot to inspire you & your bridesmaids.  frilly, darling accents & laughter everywhere.  and, purchase prednisone for dogs thought it deserved a lovely feature, too…what a treat!  xo

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photos: Whitney Furst Photography | styling: Blush & Whim | floral design: A Day in Provence | bridesmaid robes: Comfy Clothing | handbags: Ila Handbags | stationery: Kayd Roy | hair: Amber Rose Hair & Makeup | makeup: Sarah Elizabeth Artistry | dresses: Bella Bridesmaids | rentals: Apres Party & Tent Rental | desserts: Cupcake | gift wrapping: Gourmet Gift Wrapping by Janna Krueger