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Mykala & Nate are darling & dear people to me.  their July wedding in Door County was beyond beautiful.  time was spent with family throughout the week designing & prepping for the big event on Saturday.  you will notice all of the amazing handmade details & elements of the wedding highlighted in the photos that follow.  here are a few snippets from the bride:

“Nate and I love the outdoors and wanted to marry each other under the shining sun near the bay. Sunset Beach Park made for an intimate venue as it’s surrounded by trees and overlooks the bay – we were even surprised with a flyby of two mustang WWII fighters before the ceremony began. With a nautical meets romantic vintage look, we were able to include personal touches and make our day our own.

Several DIY projects went into our day including a birch arch for the ceremony that was adorned with pale pink curtains, handmade ivory flower petal garlands, a chandelier and crystal tear drop strands. The neutral tones fit perfectly with our outdoor ceremony and made for a romantic setting. The curtains and flower petal garlands were later repurposed as the backdrop for our photo booth at the reception. Other projects included birch wood table numbers, hand-painted “Here Comes the Bride” and “Happily Ever After” wood signs, s’mores favors, and a nautical burlap ring bearer pillow. Thin round birch wood pieces served as stepping stones for the bridesmaids & antique window panes provided the backdrop for table seating specifics for the guests.”

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“A Day in Provence created a romantic aisle runner with a swirl design of white flower petals that was roped off until the processional music began. The flower petal swirls were a gorgeous compliment to the day as it led the eye to the birch arch.”

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sweet sisters…


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and off they went to Wilson’s Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor…reminiscing at the spot where Nate proposed the summer before on a dock by the water just outside Wilson’s.

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“We wanted each person in our wedding party to feel special and their natural selves so we had each bridesmaid pick out their own mid-length navy dress, while Nate designed personalized Converse All-Star shoes for the groomsmen.”

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“The beautiful wedding flowers included a color palette of white, ivory, blush & gray with a mix of dahlias, sweet pea, hydrangea, ranunculus and blush roses. The bouquets were lush and soft colored which fit our vision perfectly. I was surprised with a sweet touch on my bouquet that was also used as “something old” – the flower stems were wrapped in my great-grandmother’s handkerchief.” 

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“After the ceremony, our guests enjoyed outdoor cocktails at Gordon Lodge while the wedding party took a trolley ride through town. We made ribbon wands and set out bubbles, jump ropes and hula hoops for the children to play with (one boy decided to catch frogs instead). The children also loved snapping “I Spy” photos during the reception and coloring sailor place mats. The night was filled with laughs, hugs, dancing, love…and s’mores. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate our marriage.”  

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birch table numbers & coordinating birch vases filled with white hydrangea, china mums, scabiosa, dahlias, blush roses & grey brunia berries.  light & fluffy – perfect selections for this lakeside venue!

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cousins celebrating with the groom post-floral setup…time to dance!

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the younger cousins having fun with the photobooth!

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sending you both lots of love – we enjoyed every minute of the wedding fun!  what a delightful day that we are so happy to have been a part of.  xoxo

cake: Flour Girl Patissier | ceremony venue: Sunset Beach Park | dress & veil: Brides of France | flowers: A Day in Provence | paper goods:  Hairpin Press | photos:  Amy Fieldler Photography | reception venue: Gordon Lodge