these cold wintery days have me missing Paris.  a place i yearn to be quite often.  beauty and inspiration abound in the simplest of things.  on a trip back there with my husband in September 2009, i spent a Sunday wandering around in search of something i’ve always wanted to experience:

Marché aux Oiseaux {Bird Market}

i knew it was on the Île de la Cité around the corner from Notre Dame.  notice again the beauty, the grandeur of Notre Dame, and the street lamps…all on a crisp Fall day.  been here many times before, but how could we have missed the Sunday market??

and then…voilà!  here at last.  first glimpse:  birdhouses and darling wire baskets.

vintage tins, planters, lavender, wrought iron hooks and more.  not so many birds…but i have to admit, i was pleasantly surprised at my findings!  i immediately started envisioning every piece in my studio and wondered how many pieces i could fit in my luggage and how much it would cost to ship other pieces home.

here i thought i’d enjoy my petit baguette on my Sunday stroll & perhaps see a cockatiel or two, but this was a floral artist’s dream.


in the end, i practiced much restraint (which is very unlike me when i’m extremely in love at times like this) and walked away with only a few items. 

ended my walk with some more lavender and olive tree sightings…

…and then, in the last stall – i found exactly what i came to see.  wie süß {how sweet}!

another perfect day in one of our beloved european cities.  stay tuned for more Paris inspiration and a long-awaited adventure to Giverny, France – the home of Monet’s gardens.