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all french-inspired pieces were pulled together for this editorial shoot set at Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth, Minnesota.  this venue is nothing short of everything spectacular & is truly breathtaking – so reminiscent of a Paris salon room with intricate ceiling medallions & wall details that will keep you gasping for days!  we teamed up with Anna Grinets, fine art wedding photographer to share our love of Paris with you.  so many talented creatives joined us in this gorgeous venue!

over on the blog of cheap prednisone, read more about the history of Greysolon Ballroom & read about which U.S. President has stayed there! such a beautiful location & short drive from the Minneapolis|St. Paul area. enjoy the tour!

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styling, creative direction & floral design: A Day in Provence | photography: Anna Grinets Photography |
bridal shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | earrings: Untamed Petals | film processing lab: Richard Photo Lab |hair styling: Veronica Klein | headpiece: Hushed Commotion |
invitation suite: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy | lingerie, Maria Evora Soap, accessories: Flirt Boutique | makeup: Derick Cich | modeling agency: Meredith Agency |
rings: JB Hudson Jewelers | ring box: The Mrs. Box | silk ribbon: Shasta Bell |rentals – table linens, clear chargers, gold flatware: Linen Effects | rentals –
gold chairs & stemware: Rudy’s Event Rentals | men’s accessories, square horn tray & following men’s items source from: MartinPatrick 3 |
suit & brown leather kit: Isaia | shirt: Stenströms | watch: Daniel Wellington | bow tie & pocket circle: Edward Armah | cufflinks: Tateossian London | cologne: Hermes |
men’s shoes: To Boot New York | veil: Sara Gabriel Veils | venue: Greysolon Ballroom | wedding shop, earrings, veil, headpiece, bridal accessories: a&be Bridal Shop | dress designer: Divine Atelier