Return to Clifton – Wedding Editorial at 300 Clifton

there are times in your life when you are called in one direction & no matter how busy you are, you willingly accept the invitation to be a part of one serendipitous moment. this day spent creating with Andrew & Ada in Minneapolis at 300 Clifton was one where the hours flew by & the rain that was predicted thankfully never fell.  Andrew & Ada were a dream to work with – so gracious, giving & grateful.

following is the story which formed for them after visiting historic 300 Clifton:

“Emme spent every day of her childhood running through the mock orange bushes her grandmother so tenderly doted upon. When she grew tired, Grandma was there with“tea and crumpets” (which was really just water and small homemade biscuits with apricot jam), but Emma could not have loved it more. They would sit in the garden while Grandma told the stories her own mother once told. Stories of a house so beautiful, it was named after Queen Anne.

Stories of great businessmen and balls, the pitter patter of little Olivia sneaking down the steps hoping to catch a glimpse of the twirling skirts, and the maid that tenderly carried her back up the grand stairs when finding her asleep on the floor. Every morning the maid would make her famous homemade biscuits and apricot jam (just like the ones Grandma makes). Before stepping out of the kitchen she would sneak a glance in the mirror to tighten her apron and twirl the stray hair by her ear into a delicate curl. After every story Grandma would remind Emme that though the maid was beautiful… everyone around her loved her because of her kindness and humble generosity that she so graciously bestowed with a servant’s heart.

Years past, and as Emme grew older, Grandma did too. One evening Emme received an invitation for “tea and crumpets in the garden at 6 o’ clock in the afternoon, hats and gloves encouraged.” When they had finished their tea, Grandma told Emme, “I have one last story for you.” And so she began: “ It was September 6th, 1922 and the great house was still yet asleep.. save for the beautiful maid. She had woke especially early that morning to bake her biscuits, for it was a special day and there was much to do. She hummed a waltz as her hands worked the dough, all the while trying to hold back the wide smile that kept spreading across her delicate face. All she could think of was him.. the way he held her face close to his and the safety she felt when her hand was enclosed in his.

She silently prayed that everyone would know the happiness she felt..especially on their wedding day.

Just as the maid was finishing and the sun was beginning to glow through the windows, Mrs. Carpenter suddenly appeared in the kitchen doorframe. The maid was truly surprised at such a visit for the lady of the house rarely woke before 8 o’ clock. The maid distressed by the tears forming in Mrs. Carpenter’s eyes, was hardly prepared for such a heartfelt embrace. When they separated Mrs. Carpenter spoke, “ I cannot express how truly happy I am that you have found someone who loves you so deeply. But I’m afraid I am terrible at hiding my true emotions, for I have cherished you so greatly all the years you have been with us, and my heart aches at the thought of losing you.” The maid was breathless at such a speech and her eyes began to match the water y mess that had taken over Mrs. Carpenter. B efore the maid had found words, Mrs. Carpenter presented a small golden comb made in the French style with humble stones and delicate flowers. “When we were on holiday in Paris a fortnight ago, I saw this and instantly felt it should be yours.  I originally had hoped to bring you back something with a bit more extravagance, but I worried that you would not wear it.” And then smiling a little she added, “I knew you would never accept a gift…but being it is your wedding day, you cannot refuse.”

When Grandma had finished, she went inside the house and returned with a small golden box. “ The day of my wedding, my mom gave me this. I know that you have been waiting patiently Emme for a man who will have the humility to bake with you and a heart who will cherish you, and I have no doubt he will find you.” At this Grandma took Emme’s hand, “ and I so regret the need to give this to you now instead of your wedding day.” She handed Emme the small metal box, aged from decades of handling.

Emme’s eyes flooded with tears when she saw what was inside: a small golden comb made in the French style with humble stones and delicate flowers.

Just a short 2 years later, Emme was planning the day she and Adrian would be married. They wanted to continue the legacy of servant hood of Emme’s Great Grandmother and make sure that the day would honor and celebrate the people that have loved and supported them. Emme dearly loved to cook and Adrian loved to sneak samples so they decided they would be creating and serving the majority of the meal themselves. It would be a very small, intimate gathering, thus making it possible to do so. Emme valued simple elegance, and humble artisan crafts. Not only did it suit her small frame, it reflected her nature and was much like her great Grandmother in nearly every way. Adrian surprised her with the news that the house once belonging to Eugene and Merrette Carpenter, the house her Great Grandmother had once lived and worked, was being renovated. Emme was ecstatic at the thought of being married in the house that was the setting for all of Grandma’s stories. She would be able to see it just the way her grandmother had described…. Her heart took refuge in such a thought, knowing in those moments she would be the same little girl sitting in Grandma’s lap, reliving the stories told over tea and crumpets.”


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bride’s ring: RF Moeller | calligraphy: Owl Post Calligraphy | dresses: Shop Gossamer | floral design: A Day in Provence | groom’s shoes: Magnanni | hairpiece: Corbielle by Ada | hair: Jules Annen |
makeup: Heather Trachsel | models: Lexi & Andrew | photography & concept: Andrew & Ada (formerly Anywhere & Somewhere) | crème silk ribbon: Shasta Bell Calligraphy | stylist: This Love Weddings | tabletop & furniture rentals: Apres Party and Tent Rental | venue: 300 Clifton